September 6, 2010

Respectful Respond

' people who want figuratively to bite you, growl at you, pick on you and otherwise chop you down, are not rare. If you are not prepared for people like that, they can punch big holes in your confidence and make you feel completely defeated. You need a defense against the adult bully, the fellow who likes to throw his weight around.

This is one of the most excellent example of handling emotions....

' It was shortly after 5 p.m and the hotel was busy registering new guests.
The fellow ahead of me gave his name to the clerk in a commanding way.
The clerk said,
'Yes, sir, we have a single for you..'
' Single ?!' shouted the fellow, ' I ordered a double !. '
The clerk said very politely,
'Let me check, sir '.
He pulled the guest's reservation request from the file and said ,
' I'm sorry, sir. Your telegram specified a single. I'd be happy to put you in double room sir, if we had any available. But we simple have not.'
The irate guest said, 'I don't care what the h--- that piece of paper says. I want a double !'
Then he started in with ' do-you-know-who-i-am?' performance, followed with
'I'll have you fired. You'll see. I'll have you fired.'
As best he could under the verbal tornado, the young clerk interjected.
'Sir, we're terribly sorry, but we acted on your instructions'
Finally, the customer, really furious now, said,
' I wouldn't stay in the best suite in this hotel now that I know how badly it is managed,'
and stormed out..
I stepped up to the desk, thinking the clerk, who had taken one of the worst rebuffs I had seen for some time, would be upset. Instead, he greeted me with a pleasant ' Good evening, sir'
As he went through the routine of arranging my room, I said to him,
' I admire the way you handled yourself a moment ago. You have tremendous control over your temper.'
' Well, sir,' he said.
' I really can't get mad at that fellow like that. You see, he really isn't mad at me. I was just the scapegoat. The poor fellow may be in bad trouble with his wife, or his business may be off, or maybe he feels inferior, and this was his golden chance to get something out of his system.'
The clerk added, ' Underneath he's probably a very nice guy. Most folks are.'
walking towards the lift. I caught myself repeating aloud,

'Underneath he's probably a very nice guy. Most folks are...'

Remember those two short sentences next time someone declares war on you. Hold your fire. The way to win is to let other blow his top, and then forget it..'

taken from 'The Magic Of Thinking Big'

huh, that isn't hard isn't it?

god bless