September 28, 2010

Allah The Almighty

I do not know how these feelings work.

'but i do feel secured, to know that, the ONE, that creates me to this world, would always be with me all the time. In times of intense depression, as well as great happiness, HE would always assist me with what ever i am doing. When the situation comes to worst, when all the luck go against you, when nobody could come to help, when only miracles would change, you can always go and seek help from HIM. HE will always be there, to help you, HIS greatest creation. Don't you feel you are constantly secured by this one immense superpower?'

I must be grateful, to be born as a human, living in a system, where I have a GOD to worship. To trust in. I can't live on this world alone. Without you. I am lifeless.

Trust in HIM.
HE knows , what you don't .

' Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only GOD can count the apples in a seed.'