December 10, 2011

My Dad

Hi ! :D

Lets just 'have a break' from all the laments that i've been throwing at this blog, there's really nothing much i can do about them, it sticks to me just as the words stick to this blog. now i think, there's a need to share something about my dad, something special to me, also this post serves to appreciate him for his outstanding patience. i don't know where's the limit for his tolerance. i've been complaining, lamenting for a time that only God knows, but surprisingly, he never gets mad, something that i didn't expect.

first of all, lets start when i was young. mhmmm...

i used to sleeping beside him during my primary school years, and every time i needed to wake up to go to school, i always hoped that i'd quickly grow older as i could continue sleeping, just like he did. hihi. but the best part that i remember till today was the time when i asked him for money:

'bah, nak duit?'
with subconscious tone, 'carilah syiling dalam kopi tu'
a kopi is actually a small container, until know, i don't know why it's called with that name :(

and i would then had to search out of all the 1 cents coins in that kopi to find for shiny, white 10 cent or 50 cent coins, he would asked me whether it was enough or not, usually, enough equals to rm 1, but even if it wasn't, i would say it was, as not to disturb him sleeping, or else he needed to get to his wallet.

actually, i knew he hoped that by doing this, i could learn how to spend my money wisely and yeah, it worked. i don't mind eating cheap food although others might have bought something more delicate. but my mom is the opposite. and somehow, that precious habit failed to continue. blame my mom for thatt. :/

and, when i was about to go to school, putting on my shoes, he would asked me,

'ayeh nak minum apa?'

he would make a glass of Milo and put it beside my bag and that glass must be emptied before i leave. although most of the time i felt reluctant to drink, but i just have to. he REALLLY puts great concern when it comes to eating healthy diet.

he used to say,

'nasi ni sebenarnya racun putih'
'nasi ni ubat tidur paling hebat'

he doesn't like us to eat rice actually and he did buy some brown rice to replace the white rice. he said it's a whole lot better. but we, somehow thought that it didn't suit our taste. :(
now he is making the high 5 wholemeal bread as his main meal. he suggested that so strongly to me and his repeated claim would be this bread was the type of meal that the Romans had before they went to war. he also showed the nutritional content at the back of that plastic. heh.

since young i have been given with quite a lot of motivational books and the stories of successful people by him. he always said that

' ayeh, ada masa depan yang sangat cerah, kalau ikut cakap abah..'

he likes knowledge. he read a lot of books on so many subjects. mostly about shares and stock exchange, medicine, and simple mechanics. his room is filled with books actually. he's so much engrossed with stock exchange and property matters. he worked as a bank executive at Bank Bumiputra London branch. he was in charge of approving loans. maybe that's where he gets the interests with these things.

he had his great time. he told me that his total assets once worth rm 2.5 million with almost rm 1 million in liquid cash. he bought a lot of houses and lands. but (this is personally from what i think) he went too far, and too ambitious, he resigned and opened up a business. he told me that, due to economic recession and some troubles with his business partner, the business couldn't survive and he was largely in debt. he also told me that there were some of his friends who committed suicide. he himself was actually unable to even predict how life's going to be like, with only 10 years of salary and huge debts, with you are now jobless, with a wife and kids to support, that could just severely affect your emotion. it was just too hard, for anyone to handle. but he told me that this was the thing that gave him strength,

' semua yang kita ada nih, milik Allah, so, bila dia nak ambik balik, takpelah, memang hak dia'

i almost dropped some tears when i heard this, but i think he succeeded. he said, invest in property, that's the safest and most rewarding. he even admitted that it's due to the houses that he bought before that actually been supporting us, family.

and that's where my interest in property and stock exchange grow.

all in all, he is indeed a great father to me. his spirit, his knowledge, his patience, these have all inspired me so that some day, i could pay back his hard work in raising us. although now it looked a bit uncertain, but if i keep the values close to me, i believe what ever circumstances we are in, we will able to go through and god willing, i really want to make him proud again.

'with God closely watching over you, don't you think he won't offer any help?'

this post might be irrelevant. but who cares right?