October 17, 2010

Adorable Adiff

' when i was younger,
i saw my daddy cry,
and curse at the wind,
he broke his own heart,
and i watched,
as he tried to reassemble it,
and my momma swore that
she would never let herself forget,
and that was the day i promised,
i'd never sing of love ,
if it does not exist..'

do you remember this song adiff?
the song i sang close to your ears each night?
you make me miss you even more..
i wont trade you for anything else in this world..
and that's for sure..

PS : i'm not sure whether this is a good song to be played to babies..
but, maybe you cant talk, but i heard your saying in your smile ..
adiff. The feeling of being an uncle, somehow, makes me mature..
of course in some ways.. :)

October 5, 2010

Damage Is Done

The damage is done..
I need a lot of time,
to recover,
to be better,
to progress,
to begin the journey of transformation,
challenges are always there,
waiting for you,
to give you experiences,
to give you knowledges,
to let you decide,
who do you want to be,
allow them to shape you,
don't run from them,
but embrace them wholeheartedly,
with strong faith and believe,
that you'll succeed.

the future doesn't hold any promises,
and the past ain't important,
what matters the most,
is now..
live this moment,
keep that in mind,

this is what i want to see..
from you, faris .

regret no more, please ;/

October 3, 2010

' after all the hard work and efforts,
i conceded defeat and accept the fact that
she's entirely yours.'

enough said.