October 17, 2010

Adorable Adiff

' when i was younger,
i saw my daddy cry,
and curse at the wind,
he broke his own heart,
and i watched,
as he tried to reassemble it,
and my momma swore that
she would never let herself forget,
and that was the day i promised,
i'd never sing of love ,
if it does not exist..'

do you remember this song adiff?
the song i sang close to your ears each night?
you make me miss you even more..
i wont trade you for anything else in this world..
and that's for sure..

PS : i'm not sure whether this is a good song to be played to babies..
but, maybe you cant talk, but i heard your saying in your smile ..
adiff. The feeling of being an uncle, somehow, makes me mature..
of course in some ways.. :)