August 26, 2010

Judging Justice

For quite a while, I have been thinking of this.

' We humans must admit that in every way of evaluating, we are different,
different in many terms, in which what ever way we are looking at it, we
will find the difference which leads to some degree of inequality...'

yet, at the same time, we must admit that GOD is fair and the best judge of all...
i know, im not supposed to think of this, as if im questioning something beyond my mind's limit,
but being appreciative towards the creation of the mind, drives me to ponder..

now, is that still wrong?

yeah, it has been a very long time...

and im still on the search....

My recent visit to Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti Telok Datok (PDK) seems to be giving me the clues to the answer i have been longing for..

This centre acts as place for the disabled , kids with special needs , where they receive temporary treatment and care.
Autistic, hyper-active, slow learner, cerebral pulsy, down-syndrome -(just to name a few) kids- are receiving treatment there..

looking at them, my mind started to think, why were they born like this?
why do they have to live like this, for their entire life?
what message is HE trying to convey?

WE believe that as humans who occupy this earth, who walk on the same soil, who are given a great mind, that become the differentiating factor between animals, are given the honour to lead this earth, to become the KHALIFAH to this land...
but how would they carry the responsibility to the full when they need to be taken care of?
arent they humans too?

easy enough : they are the chosen ones..

they are created to be like this simply because they can ACCEPT this, GOD recognizes these people as the ones who are able to CARRY the task, to show to people out there, that anything could happen to them, to take lesson from this and repent .
that's why it is very unusual to hear news about people with disabilities commit suicide because they cant stand the pressure ...they kill themselves because they cant accept the fact that they are abnormal....- i hardly heard of this
do they regret being born like that? i dont think so..
undeniably, they deserve to be respected..

for ordinary people might have commited suicide as they have lost the chance to feel the pleasure of what the world can offer...we buy products to beautify ourselves, even the slightest advantage of others would to some people, lead to jealousy....competing for perfection..
why dont take a liitle time, to look at them..without prejudice..
and make simple reflection to yourself..
you will find what i mean..

when thinking about this, the best thing to do is..

we are only the guests of this house, do not question why the tables and chairs are like this or like that..

only the owner knows the best..

god bless..