August 20, 2010

An Old Oath

' hah result..' while giving him the slip...
stared for a moment.....without uttering...
'abah happy tak nih...' - 'happy..sangat happy..'

I could still remember these words that came out from his mouth...

' jap.ayeh nak pergi surau kejap...'

went to the surau, met few friends, gave little bit words of support to them who felt dejected with their results..

received a phone call from eldest sister -Diana- who was in UAE at that time - 'wondered how quick the news spread ! '

best queries from her- 'ayeh nak apa..??' - huh if only you could ask that!

performed sujud syukur and read yassin..

now this was when the oath began..

' Oh, Allah, No words could describe how much i am grateful to you..for this result is really something seemed no where near possible..i am greatly indebted for your mercy when i needed that the most..and have answered my prayers..i could not thank you much.. Oh, would i return your kindness.?? As i myself could not help myself much...nothing but a weak slaver of yours..??'

only two things i possibly could promise....

1. 30 days of fasting - am still finishing
2. continuos and endless practise of islamic values..keeping unshakeable faith in this till the end of time..

i have to admit..i am still trying to achieve this..

Since i have made this public, i could not escape from delivering what i have vowed to do..or else...munafiq is my second name..-i could see that name is developing...

and that's the reason why i put this as the name of my blog..
am trying to improve my english..
am sorry if i seem to be proud of myself..
and i want nothing but a change towards betterment..

InshahAllah..for every difficulties..there's relief...

god bless ..