June 13, 2011

Amazing Acheh

i intend to write a long post regarding my visit to acheh. but time doesn't not allow me. plus, i'm having tonnes of workloads to be done. please disregard the fact that i'm just 24 hour away from entering kmb. where im gonna start my sem 3, the extract or the fillings of the International Baccalaureate which gonna be totally filled with assignments, deadlines, and more worksss.

my visit to acheh actually have somehow, changed my perception towards people. at first, it's my common belief, that people don't succeed in their life, because they don't struggle and might not even give a damn about the future. Apparently, this doesn't apply to all. There are people whose their mind have been occupied with the thoughts about how they gonna their meals for tomorrow. they don't care about the future, because right now, to be able to live for today is already a success for them. living day by day, is a success. yeah.

i visited the orphanage where it hosted more than 60 children ranging from 8 years old to 16 years old. one remarkable thing i discovered during my visit there was, their high goals they've set to achieve in their lives.

i once asked a child about his dreams.

me : kamu nanti bila besar, apa kamu mahu jadi?
him: mr president.
me: wow, itu bagus bangat. kamu tahu bagaimana menggapainya?
him; enggak.

well, it doesn't matter whether he does or does not know how to achieve his goal provided that, they're not exposed to any kind of entertainment or news, only school books, i guess. It's heart-breaking to learn that, these kids do not have televisions, or any source of interaction that they can use to see the what's happening on the outer world. after they got back from school, they'll just sleep till Asr. and pray and suring the night, they'll prepare for some Quran reciting.

I see these kids really have potentials that yet to be developed. they possess enthusiasm, and at any time ready to learn. they're honest and kind.

simply put, they're people who have been chosen by GOD to receive this test. and i believe, with all my heart, that they gonna succeed in enduring this challenging test and receive their rewards oin the heaven. InshahAllah.