March 2, 2011

' because this is my life, do whatever you want, you know, if you do good things, you'll get the rewards, but if you do the bad things, the effects would be just the same to you. So, be wise faris, life offers so many things that you never want, it's just the way it happens, just like when you're watching a movie, there're times that you'll feel sad, angry, happy, and you know, there'll be an ending to this story. How would you feel watching your own life's drama?, and have your own words about it? just like the time when you walk out of the cinema? So, treasure every moments that you have, and use everything to the best you could, because you'll never know, when's the last time that you never gonna use it again. all you knew, what you felt, all turned into history at that time. Will you tell to yourself, ' yes, i did' when asked about 'Do you ever wasted the golden chance to live?' Don't let worries and disappointments disturb you, for these things are unavoidable. it's part of the thing called LIFE. '

faris, i don't want you to suffer, don't.
there're so many things to know, to discover,
without these, life is nothing but a dreadful journey.
instead, think positively and always believe that you can.

just dive into the sea of uncertainty and unpredictability,
with high hopes and dreams,
with the blazing spirit to succeed,
and life's gonna be easy.

so again, take a good care of yourself and have faith.
a better tomorrow will come.
with faith and courage, everything's gonna fall into place.
you just have to believe this.
good luck.

let's start this journey.
a message from the inner you.