October 4, 2011

Doctoring the world.

for the past 1 year and 3 months, i had been thinking about the reason why i should become a doctor. i must admit the fact that, i am a type of person who will always do something based on a reason. i must know what am i doing and why am i doing it. or else, i couldn't deliver my best. my mind just feel reluctant to do it.
and, it was a disaster when you are in a conflict where you cant decide what's to become of you. you simply listen to others, and let them make decision for you, for your life that you'll go through.
it's undeniable that advice from the old ones should be taken into consideration whenever we want to make an important decision. but, truth be told, we are the ones that know ourselves better. and we are the ones who gonna face every bit of consequences that might come
and i just simply can't deny my extreme passion for engineering. and what is it so hard to get out of my mind? because every single thing that is see, the principles of physics that it uses, make me wonder and it just, beyond my control, strengthen itself. the desire.

and therefore, to prevent my academic performance from declining, i must find a reason on the need for me to be a doctor, as this could be the 'battery' to my life, to continue sailing through this devilish IB life. and i admit, it was not strong enough. often times, i failed to deliver. completely incompetent compared to the rest.

and suddenly my mind came out with the idea of 'doctoring the world' in which i'll elaborate in the next postings. i'm running out of time at the moment. :(

god bless you. :D